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SolidWorks training courses can assist you in achieving your success goals, be it for resume training, improving the basic skills or getting an intro of comprehensive SolidWorks. SOLIDWORKS integrated software comprises of a massive range of mechanical CAD, product data management, design communication, CAD productivity tools and design validation under one umbrella that creatively encapsulates all SolidWorks software features in an affordable, easy to comprehend package.

We have categorized our SolidWorks training programs into two parts – Diploma Courses and Specialization Courses. The diploma courses are bifurcated into a tripartite structure offering 3D design training concerned with New Product Development, Design Analyst and PG Diploma in Design Master. The diploma courses aim at making the learner aware of SolidWorks essentials, advanced drawings, assemblies, Computational Fluid Dynamics, HVAC analysis and more. While on the other hand, industry specific courses deal with specialised topics such as Mold Design, Fabrication Design, SW Composer, Mold Flow Analysis and Piping Routing employed in various industries such as HVAC, Automobile, Plastic/Rubber, Sports, Machinery, Heavy Equipment etc.

We offer both regular and crash CAD courses in Delhi. You can choose from the following mentioned courses. In addition, we have many other courses to offer suiting your requirements.

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COURSE Details

Course Tittle Course code Major Topics WEEK DAYS
Morning Batch
CRASH Course
Sundays – 6hrs.
Diploma in New Product
CAD Professional SOLIDWORKS Essentials + Value Adding Tools 5 Weeks 8 Days
CAD Expert Advance Drawings + Advance Top Down Assembly,
Advance Topic (Sheet Metal, Weldments)
3 Weeks 8 Days
Diploma in Design
CAE Expert Static Load, Motion, Thermal, Fatigue, Buckling, Drop Test,
3 Weeks 8 Days
CFD Expert Computational  Fluid Dynamics + Electronic Cooling analysis or
HVAC analysis
3 Weeks 8 Days
PG Diploma in Design
CAD / CAE/ CFD All of the above

IHT – Specialization courses

Industries Course code Major Topics WEEK DAYS
Morning Batch
CRASH Course
Sundays – 6hrs.
HVAC, Projects, O&G,
PIPING Routing Mechanical PIPING Routing and Electrical Wire
4 Weeks 6 Days
Heavy machinery, Crane
Structure, Automobile
Sheet Metal design, Forming tool, Weldments
Structure design
4 Weeks 6 Days
Automobile industry ,
Plastic/ Rubber tool design
Mold Design Surfacing, SolidWorks Advance Core Cavity 4 Weeks 6 Days
Consuner goods, Mold mfrs.,
Sports industry
Mold Flow
SolidWorks Plastics (Plastic flow simulation) 4 Weeks 6 Days
Machinery, Heavy
Equipments, Projects
SW Composer Composer Animation, Custom rendering, Interactive
4 Weeks 6 Days
Note:- Student should be minimum CAD Professional certefied for specialization courses.Value Adding Tools for Essential
SW Explorer
Xpress Tools (Sim xpress, Flow xpress, Drive works xpress)
Dim Expert
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