Six Sigma

IRIS HIGHTECH PVT. LTD. is an authorized training partner of the NORTH INDIA Centre of Asian Institute of Quality Management, Pune for providing Six Sigma Training to the learners.


Asian Institute of Quality Management (AIQM) is a highly reputed institute opened in 2003. It is managed by a big team of talented experts with I.I.M. / I.I.T. background and having huge experience in Training, Auditing, Consultancy and Business Excellence Practices.

The institute currently have a strong base of clients in Oman, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait where we offer implementation support regarding certified Six Sigma training, Kaizen-Lean Management, TQM, 5S, ISO 27001 and integrated ISO 14001+ ISO 9001+ OHSAS, TPM.

AIQM is counted among few acclaimed institutes acknowledged by ASCB (Europe) Ltd – U.K. for organizing Six Sigma Certification and multiple other Quality Management Courses. The institute is dedicated to function on set guidelines, undergoing regular review by ASCB (E) – U.K.


“Six Sigma data-driven methodology that makes use of disciplined approach to eliminate defects in any organization or process – from the foundational step of manufacturing to the transactional step and up till the delivery of the product or service.


At first, taking certified Six Sigma training in Delhi NCR may seem as a superfluous thing, but the fact is, the training can help your organization a great deal to do away with mistakes, wastages and defects that continue to hamper the productivity of the business on a daily basis. Many a times, we ignore these losses and mistakes, which prove to be risky for our organization’s growth in the long run. Sometimes, the cost of such blunders exceeds the budget of the business, thereby affecting the ROI! Six sigma management system helps you to detect such losses in time which can act as a hindrance to business’ success. Noticing such mistakes in time lets the organization to work more efficiently and effectively. Adopting the strategies of six sigma and lean six sigma will benefit the organizations relying on “layoffs” to achieve their goal of huge savings.

Benefits of Six Sigma

The organizations implementing Six Sigma certification in Delhi aptly manage to achieve a lot of benefits for their business which lead to great advantages and reactive problem solving to proactive problem prevention. The proven benefits of Six Sigma training include:

For the organization

  • Bottom line cost savings (5%-20% of turnover per annum)
  • Development of staff skills
  • Improved quality of product or service as perceived by the customer (internal and external customers)
  • Common language throughout the organization
  • World class standard
  • Creates a competitive edge
  • Drive sales growth
  • Improve ROI

For the individual

  • Improved knowledge and skills
  • A status that is recognized world wide
  • Ability to use a wide range of tools and techniques

Kaizen Lean Management programme.

  • Green Belt Six Sigma
  • Kaizen
  • Black Belt Six Sigma

Course Duration

  • 3 days, 8 hrs each day
  • After completion, 90 mins examination (open book)

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