Mechanical Job Oriented Training Delhi

Looking for mechanical job oriented training??

Irish HighTech provides an inordinate opening for students to relax and invigorate before the next semester begins. At the same time, we also offer a prodigious opportunity for enthusiastic engineering students to experiment and acquire new things. This is the time when students can emphasis on learning and experience the fun of engineering without having to worry about grades and exams. We provide best Mechanical job oriented training in Delhi NCR.

Such fervent engineering students can make use of our Training 2017 for mechanical engineering students to make the finest use of the time. Through these programs, students can discover several technologies and learn while having a lot of fun. The programs are premeditated to let the students think out of the box and grow some interesting engineering projects, making the whole experience fun and indoctrinating passion in engineering. The programs are designed to permit students to apply their concepts in real life and know-how engineering rather than to focus on marks.

Our portfolio of Mechanical Engineering trainings is enormous. We have a great pool of industry-certified trainers, who specify in domains like SolidWorks, CAD, and much more.

We have an enthusiastic Recruitment Division with a wide-ranging network across India. This opens up a world of opportunity for students across countless industries which need technology specialists.

Our Procedure of Mechanical job oriented training in Delhi NCR includes:

  1. Mock Interviews: The mock interview program offers candidates a casual to tweak interviewing skills. The interview tries to be similar to a real interview as adjacent as possible, and deliver experience to the candidate.
  2. Newsletters: We provide newsletters on frequently basis which distribute share facts on subjects that are of interest to the students such as technology, placements high lights, placement success stories, industry speak etc. Newsletters comfort students to know about latest accomplishments in the industry so that they can update and upgrade themselves as and when necessary.
  3. Carrier Counseling Support: Career Counseling is available at centre to aid students in terms of providing facilities like career guidance, career coaching, career counseling, and personality development and Resume services etc.
  4. Corporate Sessions: Business HR and other higher official’s guest sessions are recurrently decided so as to offer better awareness and understanding of the new engineering world to students.