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Always entering values to the title block can be tedious and can be error prone. In SOLIDWORKS we have a feature in which we can link the properties assigned to the part to the sheet format. In this blog I’ll show you how to set up a drawing sheet format so that common custom property data such as PartNo, Description, DrawnBy, Material etc., will be linked to your drawing title block and will auto-populate.

For this we will create a part which will be used to link the properties. In this part we will add all the properties needed to be linked.

Now, we create a drawing using a sheet size on which we want the properties to be populated automatically. We create a view of the part using view palette or using commands from view layout. Right click on the blank area of the sheet and select edit sheet format.

Now within edit command we will add a note from annotation command manager tab and place it on the required place.

From the property manager tree of the note we select link to property.

Now we will select model found here as selection for use custom property from tab and select drawing view specified in drawing sheet. After this we select the property which we want to be populated.

Now we will save this sheet format. For this we go to File > Save as sheet format.

After this when you insert a part or assembly into your newly created sheet format which contains the custom properties [with values] into the drawing the title block will populate automatically and will be linked to the part or assembly. So that any changes you make to the properties in the part or assembly document will be reflected in the drawing title block.


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