About us


ATC Overview:

CAD is the base of any manufacturing and engineering service industry. Now a days the 3D Cad is very much Industry demanded Cad software. SolidWorks, being an industry leader in CAD has initiated SATC (SolidWorks Authorized Training Centre) to create a large trained & certified SOLIDWORKS CAD Engineer community by stopping unorganized training and to Provide Organized & Standard way of training with job oriented 2D/ 3D courses.

Only SATCs are the authorized institutions from SolidWorks to teach 2D/3D CAD as per their world level course content, which is only available with SATC. We conduct exams which are part of training course. Without certifications standing out among SOLIDWORKS users from around the world can be challenging. Earning a SOLIDWORKS Certification can help you get a job, keep a job, or possibly move up in your current job.

At SATC you can learn 2D & 3D as per the professional study material. Here, classrooms are fully equipped with the professional level amenities like: Audio visual, Theory and Practical study material, Computers for Hands on, Pleasant environment. Most important, The Faculty is SolidWorks certified, on their own faculty skill test levels.

Our courses are 2D/3D and industry specific with analysis tools.

Get trained, get tested and join our worldwide community of proven technology.