3D CAD Packages


SolidWorks Premium

SolidWorks® Premium offers you all-inclusive 3D design solutions that add to the ability of a professional working with SolidWorks tools. The individual acquires great talent in design and simulation along with acquiring the required knowledge for pipe routing and advanced wire functionality, design validation tools, reverse engineering aptitude, motion patterns and more.

The advanced simulation capability of the software lets the user test the product performance against real life force and motions. Integrated analysis tools ensure smooth design manufacturing by helping to rectify and eliminate the errors in the infant stages of the design process. High tolerance toolsets of SolidWorks act as catalysts when it comes to incorporating the printed circuit board data into your 3D model and document and create layouts for piping, tubing and electrical wiring. SolidWorks Premium even offers you freedom to work with 3D scanned data.

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SolidWorks Professional

SolidWorks® Professional provides you with all the benefits of SolidWorks Standard but with add-on features such as enhanced productivity, proper accuracy and offering you the capability to communicate your designs effortlessly.

SolidWorks Professional consists of tools to automatically predict the manufacturing costs, transform imported utilities and geometry and creation of a library of fasteners and standard parts. PhotoView 360 software artistically renders your designs real which you can further share with your audience eDrawings® Professional. SolidWorks Professional also provides you with comprehensive file management tools that help you to protect all your project info and track the design changes. Boost your design productivity and streamline your design process with SolidWorks Professional.

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SolidWorks Standard

SolidWorks® Standard forms an integral part of our trio of 3D CAD courses offering you a whole new world of 3D design capabilities, enhanced performance and convenience to use. One of our essential 3D modelling programs, the course offers you with the capability to construct complex designs, assemblies, and create production-level drawings. It lets you access all the necessary tools one needs to design detailed surfaces, structural welded assemblies and sheet metal flat patterns. SolidWorks Standard also consists of in-built wizards to perform stress analysis, automate designs and gauge the ecological impact of components. Realize greater than before design productivity with SolidWorks Standard.

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