2D Cad Course

Whether it’s automobile, architecture, jewellery, education, medicine or any other industry, basic knowledge of 2D designing and simulation is indispensable to attain innovation and touch the heights of success in your field of expertise. IRIS HIGHTECH’s 2D CAD course aims to enrich your fundamental design and data automation skills with the help of best in class fully integrated SolidWorks software. Easy to use and fully client-centric software make workflow easy by encouraging drawings and give your ideas a comprehensible material form.

2D AutoCAD course will offer the patrons essential insights into numerous 2D design features that find integral introduction into diverse engineering fields be it Civil, Mechanical or Electrical. Getting a hold of vital 2D drafting tools will act as a firm base towards your mission of attaining mastery in 3D designing.

2D AutoCAD course is ideal for designers embarking on a career in computer aided designing domain, users using old versions of ACAD software and users who need to refresh their skills pertaining to complex function of drawing tools.

Brief Course Outline:

  • Launching AutoCAD
  • New Page Setup
  • Displaying AutoCAD Objects
  • Creating Basic Objects
  • Polar Tracking
  • ACAD Function Keys
  • Object Snaps
  • Data Input
  • Dynamic Input
  • The Working Environment
  • Working with AutoCAD Files
  • Basic Drawing Functionality
  • Dashboard

Regarding further queries related to the course such as pricing and availability, reach out to us on 9811116847.